CRH Canada Paris Pit Community Advisory Panel

The CRH Canada Paris Pit Community Advisory Panel (CAP) was launched in April 2012 with a mission to provide and facilitate two-way communication between local residents, regional stakeholders and CRH Canada on the operation of the Paris Pit. The Advisory Panel endeavours to educate stakeholder groups and the community on the quarry process and the importance of cement and concrete in our society, and to maintain and improve relationships between Holcim Canada, its neighbours and local community organizations.

Members of the Paris Pit Community Advisory Panel live, operate a business or are otherwise connected to the Brant area, and attend quarterly meetings where they act as a conduit for information and feedback on behalf of the community, and relay information provided from the public or other interested parties back to the Advisory Panel. For more specific information related to the Advisory Panel and its activities, please click any of the links below:

Paris Pit CAP

To access information and download documents from the Paris Pit Cap, please visit the Dufferin Aggregates Paris Pit website here