Sustainable Development at Demix

Demix Agrégats, Demix Béton and Demix Construction, divisions of CRH Canada Group Inc., are fully committed to CRH Canada's sustainable development, responsible stewardship of the natural environment and social responsibility initiatives.

This section is dedicated to sharing our initiatives that support that commitment. We encourage you to bookmark this section and visit us regularly to learn about our latest activities.

Diavik Diamond Mine

The Diavik Diamond Mine is located on a 20km2 island in Lac de Gras in the North Slave Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada, about 220 km south of the Arctic Circle. It has become an important part of the regional economy, employing 700 and producing approximately 7.5 million carats (1,500 kg) of diamonds annually.

Diavik Diamond Mine

Due to its remote island location, the majority of supplies are delivered by truck over an eight-week period spanning from February to March on 300 kilometers of ice road stretching north from Yellowknife to the mine site. In order to successfully supply this project, the CRH Canada logistics team established a secure supply chain to deliver cement over a total distance of approximately 5000 km.  Cement from CRH Canada’s Edmonton Cement Terminal in Alberta was shipped using bulk trucks to one of our bagging customers where it was transferred to 1.8 tonne tote bags.  The tote bags were then transported by flatbed truck to a temporary lay down area in Yellowknife.  The tote bags complete the final leg of the journey and are delivered to the Diavik Diamond Mine during February and March window when the ice roads are safe for travel. A partnership was also established with local First Nations band trucking firms for the logistics in order to share value with all stakeholders in the region.  

Through collaboration with our network of suppliers, CRH Canada was able to provide remote Diavik Diamond Mine an integrated, sustainable solution that addressed their logistical challenges through an economical solution.