Sustainable Development at Demix

Demix Agrégats, Demix Béton and Demix Construction, divisions of CRH Canada Group Inc., are fully committed to CRH Canada's sustainable development, responsible stewardship of the natural environment and social responsibility initiatives.

This section is dedicated to sharing our initiatives that support that commitment. We encourage you to bookmark this section and visit us regularly to learn about our latest activities.

Demix Agrégats wins Silver at the 2015 President's Awards for OH&S Excellence

We are proud to announce that Demix Agrégats was the Silver Winner for the company 2015 President’s Awards for OH&S Excellence. This achievement is the testimony of our employees’ commitment to safety and their desire to keep their workplace safe. 

Rock Fall Risk Assessment System, 
by Jeannot Delisle, Nicolas Gagné, Jason Garcia, Simon Kalala Kanyiki, Mathieu Langelier, Éric Legault and Serge Roberge, Demix Agrégats, Laval Quarry and Mirabel Quarry

The objective of this project was to improve existing quarry face inspection systems and adopt industry best practices in order to further eliminate risks related to falling rocks. 

DXA PrixduPrez

The project team developed and implemented a rock fall risk assessment system (form S-86) that identifies when corrective measures must be taken to improve quarry face safety. It is now used in all Demix Agrégats quarries and has led to a number of corrective measures. The form is used for 1) the annual geotechnical safety inspections of all quarry faces, 2) the inspection of the blasted face after every blast and before the raw stone is loaded and 3) the inspection of raw stone before loading at the start of every shift.

Key Lesson
The contributions of all Demix Agrégats employees led to the successful introduction of a stringent process that goes beyond legal requirements, which is a testament to the commitment of employees to improving quarry face safety.